Capacity Building With Research

For growing organizations, research upgrades your organization’s fundraising program to a more sophisticated level by giving you the information you need to make more informed decisions and create more powerful strategies.

Monthly Research Support

Benefit from research all year with our affordable, risk-free, monthly plans customized to deliver exactly what you need when you need it.

When your organization is striving to break through to the next level of major and transformational giving, you need team members to support you, not contractors that need to be managed.

Our Monthly Research Support program provides you with flexible research services and your own research expert available every month to consistently help you use research to raise more money.

Baseline Support

+ Hourly Services

  • Stay on track to goals with a monthly conference call to discuss the research delivered.
  • Receive free access to live and recorded webinars and other materials on trending topics as well as short and entertaining educational video tutorials specially designed for staff and board members.
  • Benefit from monthly research risk-free. You can cancel or defer work at any time and pay only for the work performed in that month.
  • Instead of a contracted lump sum project amount, pay for hourly, as-needed research each month.

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A La Carte Support

Sometimes all you need is an on-call expert to provide a quick service. Unlike big consulting firms that have a lot of overhead and require larger, more comprehensive contracts, Aspire is on a mission to serve any organization that needs research to raise more money. Research isn’t cheap, but we strive to keep costs reasonable by staying creative and nimble in addressing your needs.

  • Start with an initial consult to discuss your needs.
  • Receive and acknowledge a Statement of Work document that clarifies the work and data protections.
  • Make requests for work and receive confirmation of receipt and proposed delivery date.
  • After the first delivery, participate in a brief meeting where the work is reviewed and both parties have the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification.
  • Typically the work is either invoiced on delivery or at the end of the calendar month.
  • Brief annual review meetings to ensure client satisfaction

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Essentials for Successful Fundraising Research

The best research solution is in-house expertise. We know that. When you have a staff member who has an affinity for doing prospect research – who loves data and information – you want to grow and nurture that talent.

That’s why Aspire has partnered with the Prospect Research Institute to develop the Essentials for Successful Fundraising Research training program.

The Essentials training program gives your staff member the opportunity to learn, practice, and get feedback on key research skills:

  • Identifying new prospects
  • Prospect profile research
  • Prospect/moves management

This six-month on-demand program is completely online. Your staff member benefits from:

  • On-demand training so your staff can fit everything into her/his schedule.
  • Suggested timeline for completing the material and monthly reminders.
  • Practice homework and capstone projects with instructor feedback.
  • Discussion forum where all training participants can ask questions and network.
  • A monthly video meeting with the instructor and other training participants.
  • Ability to earn a digital badge indicating demonstrated proficiency in fundraising research.

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