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Introducing Volatile Opportunity: A Guide to Cryptocurrency and Fundraising 

It’s been a bumpy road for cryptocurrency over the past year. In 2021, cryptocurrency did not seem to have any limit to its heights but in 2022, the crash came. Many predicted it was the end of crypto. But 2023 has been an interesting year with the price of Bitcoin rising again. The Giving Block, a full-service crypto exchange solution provider, predicts that over $1B in cryptocurrencies will have been donated by 2027. Boston Consulting Group forecasts that the crypto market will grow significantly by 2030. 

What does this mean for the fundraising world? Opportunity! It’s a chance to raise additional funds, engage new donors who may not have been interested in philanthropy anymore, and find new ways of fundraising. It’s volatility and risks. But there are ways to mitigate and manage risk. 

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Prospect Research Philanthropy and Wealth Report 2021

February 2022 | Tampa FL

Once again Aspire Research Group LLC has published its annual Prospect Research Philanthropy and Wealth Report, this time with a spotlight on two of the hottest topics in 2021: Cryptocurrencies and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

All year, Aspire’s research team stays current on philanthropy and wealth, including reading through long and cryptic reports compiled by enduring financial institutions such as Fidelity Charitable, Capgemini, Boston Consulting Group.

“We yawn so you don’t have to,” explains Aspire’s Founder and CEO, Jen Filla.

Sources and demographics of philanthropy and wealth are changing. For example, the report notes that London dropped off the list of Top 10 Cities by count of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

“What we’ve learned is that there’s a lot of wealth and philanthropic opportunities out there, despite all the ups and downs of the past two years,” says Shoenberger.

Aspire has crafted a 20-page report that makes for easy and informative reading, containing just the right amount of information to stay current and make decisions as you cultivate and engage your major gift donor prospects.

About Aspire Research Group

Aspire Research Group LLC helps nonprofits leverage fundraising intelligence to change the world. With the right information, Aspire believes that nonprofit fundraising professionals can connect more deeply with donors, include more donors, and fulfill their missions.

Visit www.aspireresearchgroup.com to learn more about Aspire and the report authors, Jen Filla and Elisa Shoenberger.