How Prospect Research Brings Confidence to Your Prospect Meetings

How Prospect Research Brings Confidence to Your Prospect Meetings

We know that the best way to raise money for our organizations is through face-to-face relationships with our prospects. Like any relationship, we must put in time and effort. But sometimes, you need more than a company biography or what is in your organization’s database to establish that connection and maintain it. Knowing how to find the right information can be a struggle.

That is where prospect research comes in. Using public information and internal information from your organization (if available), prospect research can help figure out how to better cultivate the person. Research will help you learn more about the prospect and give you the confidence to deepen that relationship.

Researchers are kind of like personal shoppers. A personal shopper may ask questions about what kind of styles you like and the image you desire (or what information you want on a person to achieve a specific outcome). Then the personal shopper goes out shopping, sorting and curating those styles (information and insights) and delivers the best results to you.

Now you can go into your meeting with the prospect well-dressed and with the best information with the prospect!

Because maybe they told a news reporter about the time they spent in a mentorship program when they were in middle school. In that case, you might want to talk about this really exciting mentorship program at your organization. That might get some light in the prospect’s eyes.

You wouldn’t show up to a job interview without wearing a professional outfit or having some thoughts about the company. So why would you want to show up to a prospect meeting without serious preparation? Whether you have a researcher on staff or outsource to a firm like Aspire, you have access to professionals who are ready to assemble prospect information tailored to you and your organization’s needs.

Wearing the right suit in and of itself can be a real boost to confidence. Similarly, a prospect profile can bring you the confidence you need when meeting a prospect for the first or even the tenth time.

They say information is power so why not get the best information you can to make those precious prospect meetings successful?


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