Be Prepared! 3 Key Fundraising Resources for 2020

3 Key Fundraising Resources for 2020

Here at Aspire, September is all about: back to school (whatever that might look and feel like in your world); COVID-19, which continues to assault us around the globe; and the U.S. presidential election looming large in November. To keep up, we have created three resources this year. 

As fundraising prospect research professionals, summarizing, analyzing, and synthesizing data is our core skillset. We’ve put those skills to work for you with the following three resources that we would like to share with you, too!

Prospect Research Resource Page

This collection of resources is designed with the fundraising professional in mind. Working like a syllabus for fundraising research in action, it now boasts nine topic sections, with A.I. and Machine Learning being the newest collection being built. You definitely want to bookmark this webpage: 

Whether you want to know about the latest in the world of corporate fundraising or need to understand cryptocurrencies better, you know have a comprehensive, curated collection of resources with one quick click of the mouse!

Fundraising Prospect Research Support in a Crisis

Organized around three of the most common fundraising questions being asked in the first few months of the crisis, this resource outlines how you can leverage prospect research to achieve the shifts you might make in your fundraising strategies as a result of the pandemic. 

It’s never too late to communicate with your donors. Prospect research can help keep you efficient and effective.

Prospect Research and Political Contribution Data

The U.S. presidential race is heating up and so is the political fundraising. As a matter of public record, political contributions indicate wealth, and are correlated with philanthropic giving. However, like most things that involve people and money, it’s never a simple matter! 

This resource demystifies the world of political giving and public record, as well as the ways in which it affects fundraising and research.

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